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Blogger Award

"Ohh, Guys, I have no idea of what I have to post, ohh lol, so, just please let me, think,"... it's like 10 minutes ago! Ahaha, so, I made this award, first, there'll be 10 finalist that I choose, for this comp., then, I like, go to people's blogs and write on their shoutbox for vote for the finalist (?!?!). Hope you understand me -__-
Alright, let's just start, the rules!

imageYou can't cheating, cheating is rude. Like, you said to peoples that they must vote you then, you will give them gift or something .__,
imageYou have to be polite to other finalist
imageLink back to my blog, like a clickable credits as example, as my name
If finalist do not obey the rules above, they will be disqualificated

imageMake new entry in your blog, the title is: Blogger Award from Sharon
imageThen, make a hi-words, like "hey guys" or kinda, for the first
imageWhen write, "please vote me as number #(as example, don't write this, i'll let you know :))1 at Sharon's blog. Vote as, 'I vote number #1',"
imageThen say thanks, done, publish it.

I choose...:

fyi, here's the info:
imagethis event end at October 30th 2014, may be faster
imageThe finalist with lower  votes will be eliminated
imageThere will be only 1 winner, winner will be gift blogskins, 60pxels, 20 chibi png, 5 K-on gif, 30 random doodle, 15 cursors, 20 random background, 5 dividers, 20 Miiko Png, 10 Hatsune Miku png, 5 simple banner background, 10 Header, 3 scallopped edges,
imageyou can answer using English or Indonesian

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Blogger Benazier Uzma mengatakan...

Oke Sharon, maaf baru balas. Oh ya, jangan pake bahasa inggris dong. Kan kamu org Indonesia. Juga nanti ga banyak yg ngerti, Shar.


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