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Ahoy There!


   Hooo, guys, miss you muchh  I just realized that I missed my blog very much... ahahah image With da' awesome messagges at my shoutbox aww thx guys image Yaww, maybe I'll be a little different from the old me  lol, so, yeahh, I can still post tutorials but in English, cuz, ya' know, I'm in France now, xD So, I have to speak english or the bla blah blah language image You can request at shoutbox or my, here, --->>click here<<--- Just ask me ok, if i can, in asap i will post it image N'.... umm, you know what's different from mah blog, eh? Sure ya' know! THE LAYOUT! image my opinion? more cute ahahah , sure, cuz it's ma' opinion! Eheheh xD image And, ahh, talking about.... um, websites, and blogs, i love fashion blogs! Soo, maybe, I'll give u some of fashion blogs url that i knew image And please..., if u know that kinda blog, plz plz plz *begging* tell me okayyy? Ahh peace ma' bro! imageWell, maybe I can post freebies, pixels of course, I have many many many manyyyy of pixels at my data, you can get cute pixels too here, oh ya, you can get pixels here too! Can u guess what will i write in the next post? :D


Blogger ssantokki0425 mengatakan...

click here for manyyy awesome fashion blogs! <3

Blogger Amadhea Trizza Audina mengatakan...

Huh, also need perfecting your english! -_- very 'strange'

Blogger Amadhea Trizza Audina mengatakan...

Thank you, begoo. Kayak ibu-ibu ngirim SMS


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